Friday, March 10, 2017

Oogave - #74, 5 out of 12

The brew is Certified organic, no GMO’s, Gluten Free, Kosher, vegan and only 100 calories per bottle.  It is made at the Rocky Mountain Soda Company.  I had already tested Rocky Mountain root beer and found it a middle of the pack root beer.  This brew is touted as special as it has Agave for sweetener.  Agave is a plant native to Mexico and used as a sweetener and a binding agent for cereal.  Organic certification is easier as it requires very little water or cultivation.  It is slow growing and takes up to seven years to before harvest.

There are four major parts of the agave that are edible: the leaves, flowers, stalks, and pineapple, called the pina. The sap derived from the pina, called aguamiel or ‘honeywater’, is used to make the organic agave nectar in the soda.  It will be interesting to try something other than sugar for sweetener.


Triple filtered carbonated water, organic agave nectar, citric acid, natural flavors, and organic Caramel for color.

Nutrition 12 oz. serving (from the bottle)

100 Calories
0 mg Sodium.
25g (7%) of Daily Carbohydrates
0 mg Caffeine

Aroma and Flavor – 1.25 out of 3 mugs

The aroma is strong wintergreen with a noted hint of vanilla.  It has a rather dry sensation from the first beverage.  Rally nothing smooth or creamy.  The sweetness is odd, most likely as I never tried Agave sweeteners before (or at least that I can recall.)  It was not a beverage I desired the second sip, due to the dry and slightly bitter aftertaste.
Head – 1.0 out of 3 mugs  

The head was very small and dissipated in seconds.  The head that was generates was very large bubble with plentiful air.

Zip – 1.25 out of 3 mugs  

The favor mix is very simple.  I assume the Agave was the reason it was different.  This is advertised as a certified organic, no GMO’s, Gluten Free, Kosher, and vegan beverage.  Usually, that also means simple taste. 

Post Consumption Impression – 1.5 out of 3 mugs  

I did not love it or hate it.  It is low calorie and had a low calorie taste.  In fact, it reminded me of the beverage Tab (saccharin) from the 1970’s.
Would I recommend this at 5 out of 12 mugs?

While I did not hate this brew, I would think twice before purchasing this a second time.  If it were the only option I recognized on the shelf and I was thirsty, I would choose it.  That is because I know what I will get for the brew.


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