Monday, May 30, 2016

Not just any old root beer! (#36 - Rated 6.75 out of 12)

It is Joe’s Root Beer!  This brew is from Joseph James Brewery in Henderson, Nevada (suburb of Las Vegas).  Joseph James is a beer specialist who like many, dabble in root beer.  They originated in 2008, so there is less than a decade of history.  There’s very little information on them on the Internet.

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Cane Sugar, Color and natural flavors, Honey and Vanilla.

Nutrition 12 oz serving (from the bottle)

190 Calories
35 mg Sodium.
57g (19%) of Daily Carbohydrates
0 mg Caffeine
Calcium 4%

Aroma and Flavor – 1.5 out of 3 mugs

Upon opening the bottle, I was not thinking this would be a solid root beer.  The aroma as a little more beer like as opposed to root beer.  Upon the first taste it is easy to tell there is carbonated water, vanilla and honey with little else.  Since these are two of the five total ingredients, that should be expected. 

While pleasing, the overall flavor blend I love in a root beer is missing. While I love vanilla, not without the root flavor of a good sarsaparilla.  The beverage packs a higher sodium content and is the second highest of the root beer I reviewed, albeit natural

Head – 2.5 out of 3 mugs  

The head was thinks and wonderful, but was short lived.  Within 30 seconds there was only a small remnant of what was near perfect.

Zip – 1.25 out of 3 mugs  

This is pretty simple in ingredients.  For zip, it is minimal.  If they increased the carbonation, I would think I was drinking vanilla and honey favored seltzer water.

Post Consumption Impression – 1.5 out of 3 mugs  

This was not terrible, but not worth another try for me.
Would I recommend this at 6.75 out of 12 mugs?

If you prefer a bland root beer, low carbonation with honey and vanilla, give it a try.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Three Stooges Wise Guy (#35 - Rated 7.0 out of 12)

This is another Rocket Fizz creation.  Rocket Fizz is most likely the soda maker with the most varieties of soda.  I already reviewed Judge Wapner Root Beer and Gene Aurty’s Root Beer.  Rocket Fizz is predominately known for a diverse candy line (some say over 4,000 varieties), but unique sodas are a niche.  Web search found they have made over 500 varieties of soda over their history.  Not all directly under the Rocket Fizz parent company.  

I little quote about the brew from Robert Powells, President and Co-Founder of the Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops.  “Rocket Fizz is beyond excited to bottle The Three Stooges Wise Guy Root Beer”.  He was “the undercover boss” recently, the CBS hit TV show Undercover Boss.  “The Three Stooges brand is a natural fit for us. The Three Stooges is an iconic and nostalgic American brand and Rocket Fizz prides itself on being all about Americana. And we all love The Three Stooges!”

Ingredients: Spring Water, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Ester Gum, Caramel Color and natural Flavors.

Nutrition 12 oz serving (from the bottle)

170 Calories
25 mg Sodium.
43g (14%) of Daily Carbohydrates
0 mg Caffeine

Aroma and Flavor – 1.5 out of 3 mugs

Immediately upon opening there was a strong wintergreen aroma.  It was a little heavy and there was a molassas or licorice aroma as well.  Tat first drink, I thought this is a rather simple beverage.  Little overall flavor and tasted watered down.  It has a unique taste that was not a traditional root beer taste.  Could it be the Ester Gum ingredient?  I had no idea what that was?

Funny thing is when I search the Web, I found Ester Gum is often used in paints, lacquers and varnishes, that it is something that they should avoid drinking.  One person wrote “People who think this couldn’t be further from the truth. I have found, through days and days of careful research, that it is, in fact, a wondrous creation that has transformative, healing powers.”  I am not so sure as the guy also claimed to inject freaks into a broken leg and heal it faster. 

Head – 2.75 out of 3 mugs  

This is extremely foamy with a head that take nearly a minute to dissipate.  Although it never fully dissipate.

Zip – 1.5 out of 3 mugs  

This lacks any zip or punch beyond licorice or wintergreen.  I get a slight sense of vanilla as well.  Carbonation was light to moderate, again had a watered down feel. I could also taste the sodium content.  That was the first time I thought I was drinking a higher sodium beverage.

Post Consumption Impression – 1.25 out of 3 mugs  

It is not terrible although not remarkable either.  I scored the beverage slightly below average.  It only scored higher as it had a great foamy head that lasted for quite some time.
Would I recommend this at 7.0 out of 12 mugs?

I would suggest a try, but only a try.  This was not a beverage for me.  I love caramel, root flavor and a good vanilla punch.  This is not the case for Three Stooges.