Sunday, November 6, 2016

Crim City Root Beer (#57, rated 6.5 out of 12)

Crim City Soda is a subsidiary of Double D Beverage Company.  Double D Beverage Company was founded in 2005.  It is a Canadian company located in British Columbia. 

When I first purchased this brew, I thought I was buying a “gamers” brew.  It has a label as well as a name which is a corny teenage video game.  According to its website, it states:

“The Crime City Soda (CCS) Root Beer is in a league of its own… it's a premium craft root beer enhanced with Yucca Root Extract that really delivers a smooth, creamy taste. Our Renegade character is smirking as he always sees the other guys getting the cuffs, even though he's usually the one doing all the damage. If you're a true root beer aficionado, Renegade Root Beer is you must have.”  Sounds like teenage gamer grammar!

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, White Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Caramel Color, Yucca Root Extract, Phosphoric Acid, and Gum Arabic.

Nutrition 12 oz. serving (from the bottle)

160 Calories
0 mg Sodium.
40 g (13%) of Daily Carbohydrates
0 mg Caffeine

Aroma and Flavor – 1.5 out of 3 mugs

The aroma a very solid root beer.  The taste is very smooth with a unique spice.  There is a hint of vanilla and the caramel is notable.  Unusually sweet for my liking.  Could be the Yucca?  Many compounds from yucca have been used in the manufacture of new drugs.  Makes me wonder what am I really drinking, even though it was smooth and blanked.

Head –2.0 out of 3 mugs  

The head is very solid.  Could be the yucca extract, which is used as a foaming agent in carbonated beverages.

Zip – 1.5 out of 3 mugs  

Overall this has a unique flavor I enjoyed, overall there is nothing to make this stand out as an exceptional beverage.

Post Consumption Impression – 1.5 out of 3 mugs  

The first sip is enjoyable but the more I consumed, the less enjoyable it became.  I believed it was just too sweet, almost syrup aftertaste.  By the end, I was not having an experience that made me desire a second bottle.
Would I recommend this at 6.5 out of 12 mugs?

It is worth a try if you like a sweet root beer.  I am not sure I would seek out the brew, but would drink it again.  I am not sure what Yucca tastes like, yet I assume that is the odd, yet enjoyable, flavor I can’t place.


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