Sunday, August 2, 2015

Thomas Kemper Small Batch (#10 - Rated 7.8 out of 12)

Since 1989, the Thomas Kemper Brewing Company, one of the Northwest's first Microbreweries, held an annual Oktoberfest celebration at their brewery. Starting out as a small event, the Thomas Kemper Oktoberfest soon was adding thousands of extra people to the population of Poulsbo, WA each autumn.  Andy Thomas and Will Kemper first brewed Thomas Kemper Soda as alternative to Oktoberfest beer in 1990. 

The bottle reads “One honey of a Root Beer.  This wonderfully rich and complex Root Beer was first brewed for our company Oktoberfest back in 1990.  It quickly became such a hit that we invented Novemberfest.”  Let us see what my impression is for this beverage.  (Click here for rating criteria information.)

Ingredients: carbonated water, cane sugar, maltodextrin, honey, caramel color, natural flavor, sodium benzoate (for freshness), gum acacia, phosphoric acid, salt, and vanilla extract.
Nutrition information from the label (Per 12 0z):  

  • 160 Calories  (13.75 per oz)
  • 45mg Sodium.  (3.75 mg per oz)
  • 40g sugar  (10%) of Daily Carbohydrates (3.75 g per oz)

Aroma and Flavor
This brew has a very prominent and pleasing aroma.  Immediately I believed I was about to enjoy a very creamy root beer.   I was slightly disappointed.  The body was a little soft with dominating honey and fruit like taste.  I sense I was drinking root beer flavored juicy fruit gum beverage.  Just like Juicy Fruit gum, it a great for the first minute but dies off quickly,

It scores a 2 out of 3 for aroma and flavor.   (Average of 3 for aroma and 1 for flavor.)

When poured into a glass, the head is excellent, tall and frothy.  This is the highest scoring part of the beverage!

The score is 2.8 out of 3 for the head

While this is a very flavorful root beer, it lacks bite and long lasting enjoyment.  Carbonation is marginal and other than the honey and fruitiness, there is little to savor.

The Score is 1.5 out of 3 for zip.  

Post Consumption Impression
The beverage starts with a bang and leave with the thought that I just consumed a soda.  Nothing spectacular.  I would drink it again, but that is if I had to choose between commercial brands like Barq’s or A&W, which does not say much.

It scores a 1.5 out of 3 for post consumption impression.  

Would I recommend this?
I would highly recommend this if you prefer a honey and fruity root beer taste.  It is not one I would rush out to buy, but would not hesitate to enjoy it over any High Fructose Corn Syrup option.

Overall score is a 7.8 out of 12 mugs

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